Welcome to the Grand Central Station of my online life. My name is Deb Boyken. I'm a copywriter, a writer, a reader, a knitter, and a graphic designer. So many things, apparently I can't contain it all in one place, but at least I can give you sign posts.
Hundreds of knitting book reviews (among other things), because I’m passionate about all kinds of yarn.
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The place where I blog about writing and other non-yarn-type things.
Anything else? Well, I did have a knitting blog called Chappysmom, but sadly, something broke in WordPress years ago and I was never able to fix it, but it lives on as my main online ID in a number of places, like Ravelry and the face of my moderate obsession with the BBC Sherlock television show. I sort of fell down the fan-fiction rabbit hole to the tune of something like 800,000 words of Sherlock-inspired fan-fiction stories, of which I'm really very proud.